Story Boarding

“The odds of a meltdown are one in 10,000 years. The plants have safe and reliable controls that are protected from any breakdown with three safety systems.”

Mixed media on paper - 15cm x 11.5cm

Aftermath of the 1991 turbine hall fire

Mixed media on paper - 15cm x 11.5cm

Radiation Exposure

'The effects of radiation exposure fall into two main classes: deterministic effects, where the effect is certain to occur under given conditions (e.g. individuals exposed to several grays over a short period of time will definitely suffer Acute Radiation Syndrome); and stochastic effects, where the effect may or may not occur (e.g. an increase in radiation exposure may or may not induce a cancer in a particular individual but if a sufficiently large population receive a radiation exposure above a certain level, an increase in the incidence of cancer may become detectable in that population).' Unscear, 2011.

site and plant/environmental and health impacts/unit 4 containment/chernobyl today/fuel and waste/resettlement of contaminated areas